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The Benefits of Time Tracking Zeiterfassung

As a freelancer, one of the most important tools that you should keep in your “freelancing toolbox” is a time tracking or Zeiterfassung device. Even if your project is a flat fee project, keeping track of the time you spend working on a project helps you become better aware of your work habits and patterns.

Furthermore, if you are new to freelancing, a desktop or online time tracker (Zeiterfassung ) will help you organize the various tasks that you need to complete for each project and how long each takes. This is not limited to programmers, web developers, and web designers but also proves particularly useful to writers of all genres.

One of the common mistakes that people new to the field of freelancing make is not figuring into their project estimates the time that they might need to spend doing research, talking to the client, billing, interviewing and exchanging e-mails with clients. By keeping a time tracker on whenever you are engaged in any of the aforementioned tasks, you will have a much better idea of the actual time that you need to spend to develop and complete a project. Moreover, recording the tasks and time necessary will provide you with awareness to improve your workflow, eliminate unnecessary steps, and establish fees that increase your income while remaining competitive.

Some of the best projects to start using a time tracker (Zeiterfassung) and begin estimating what is involved are short, one to two days projects. These short projects help you discern your work pattern and adjust it for maximum efficiency and expediency. Conversely, longer projects that might take months to complete are harder to manage, especially if you are not sure how much time you might need to devote to them per day or week. Therefore, keeping good record of the hours you spend on long projects and all the tasks involved to complete it, is essential.

You can use online Zeiterfassung or desktop time trackers. A stopwatch is also good enough. However, online time trackers save your records, in case there is any dispute. Some of them take snapshots of your work every 30 minutes or so. Thus, your per hour projects’ clients will most likely appreciate getting accurate reports about your work on their project.

Most time trackers (Zeiterfassung) allow you to create per task reports to send to your clients with your billing.


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